Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools
Falcon F2+

Wideband Range 4.5 – 45 kHz


    Falcon F2+ gives you all the benefits of Falcon technology plus new improvements including:

  1. Increased depth and data range – 160/200 ft (48/61m) combined with more frequencies to get more jobs done.
  2. Quick Scan Pair - with just two clicks, it’s now easier to scan, pick and pair your locator to custom frequencies.
  3. New 19’’ capability for the deepest and most powerful DigiTrak F2+ transmitter on the market.
  4. Simplified User Experience


Falcon F2 Features

    The Falcon F2+ is ideal for all TERRA-JET HDD drill rigs and MINI-JET pit launch machines. The F2+ offers the following features:

  1. Over 500 frequencies
  2. Wide band range 4.5 bis 45 kHz
  3. Depth range 48 m
  4. Data range 61 m
  5. Active scan of interferences in the ground

Falcon F2 Features
Falcon F2 Features


Technical Data

Technical Data

Sous réserves de modifications techniques sans préavis.
4.5 - 45 kHz
48 m
61 m

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