Pipe Rehabilitation - use smallest availabe roller cutters


Lead Pipe Renewal

In Europe there are still more than over 10 millions house connections for fresh water made from lead. Lead endangers the quality of fresh water. The effective EU norms reduce the permitted lead particles from todays 25 mg/l to the new value of 10 mg/l, which is valid from December 2013 on. Therefore these lead pipes must be replaced latest until the year 2013.

The Lead Pipe Method

The TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 100 can replace old lead pipes Ø 15 – 30 mm (1/2“ – 1“) by new HDPE pipes up to Ø 63 mm within a few minutes. A TERRA-EXTRACTOR X 100 may replace 4 – 5 house connections daily. The Lead Pipe Method and the machine technology are protected by several patents.

First step of the Lead Pipe Method (cutting of the lead pipe)

The old lead pipe is cut into three slices by a special 3-wing cutter. A second special cable is pulled behind the lead cutter simultaneously. A blocking flange is assembled in the arrival pit which prevents that the old lead pipe is pulled into the ground.

Second step of the Lead Pipe Method(new pipe pulling)

The PE pipe adapter expands the bore channel and pushes the lead pipe slices sidewise. This is done with a pullback force of up to 10 tons. The new HDPE pipe is simultaneously pulled in within a few minutes.

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